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Yey~! it's weekend! although i still have class tomorrow and a lot of work left for the collab CD i'll still celebrate! haha


♪ Record かくれんぼ cover
♪ Start learning how to mix
♪ Finish paper on Southeast Asian Studies
♪ Do 3D animation assignment 
♪ Finish coloring at least 2 characters for the collab CD
♪ Draw Nero Nekomimi >:D

whew! that's a lot of things to accomplish this weekend :)) がんばって! ! !

Last trick up my sleeve lol i really should start drawing again XD
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posting another useless draft please bear with me m(_   _)m

Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro art XD

my friends and i decided to do a collab cover for this song XD so i decided to make a fanart lol (i haven't finished it yet because of school and work TAT) i think we'll be submitting this for the Pinoy Utaite (Filipino Utaite) collab CD (not sure if we'll be able to make it haha) 

Left to Right: SキP、クロナ、チーズケーキ、kaeru、REI

SキP- san is in charge of the mixing (i think) and クロナ-chan with the official illustrations XD

I haven't finished doing my assignment yet hehe (>___<;;)9
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@_____@ errr.... finally got home from school

>A< i was really excited about doing the nero nekomimi fanart! but i am disappointed

OTL here i am... stuck with work  finishing the colors for the collab CD illustration and doing schoolwork storyboard for a music video :/ to be passed on friday 8A8

nero nekomimi---- goodbye for now >A< *goes back to work*

Partial work done! Pencils by: chrona Lineart+Color by: Kaeru

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*Q* おはよううう

i can't contain myself!!!! kyaaaa---

fdhsjklfhajdfas kyaaaa~ >w< 

NEKO-MIMI ♥♥♥ *kyaaaa*

>A< i almost died of blood loss yesterday because of nero's sexy nekomimi photo :)) 

did a quick sketch before going to school ///

*Q* NERO. Y U SO OSOM?! *nosebleed*

>< hnnnggghhhh really wanted to draw more of nekomimi nero XD (my creative juices are overflowing! lol)

kyaaaaaa--- because of this i'm all hyped up for the day! 

OTL i have to go now >A< damn class! >w< can't wait to get home after class so i can start with the nekomimi fanarts *evil grin*

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;A; my head hurts like hell (/>A<\) i've been experiencing this since yesterday afternoon >A< ugh...
maybe it's stress? OAO school work + art requests are draining my energy OTL

good thing physics exam is over 8D i finally have time to finish coloring the characters for the collab cd *w*
i wish i had more time though .____. i've always wanted to do a panda hero cover but i just can't find the time ;(  

Panda Hero OC XD


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