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weeee~ I'm feeling really productive these past few weeks XD

at long last I was able to make a Kamen Rider fanart please do not hit this fangirl >A< I've been a fan for almost a year now XD thanks to the efforts of L-san and M-san who introduced me to Kamen Rider XD 

I remember the first Kamen Rider that I watched, it was W (double) lol At first I was quite reluctant to watch it. My impression before watching it was, "Eh?! Why would I want to watch something like that? Isn't that a kiddie show." www but L-san was very insistent (she kept on telling me about her OTP at that time, Shotaro x Philip lol she was really fangrling Philip during those days lol L-san is a shotacon!) XD she let me borrow her W DVDs so I decided to watch it since I don't have anything else to do :)) but then, BAM! After watching the first episode I instantly fell in love with the series :)) The plot is quite interesting :D the fights scenes and the effects are really nice and the production was really awesome! 

aside from the OVERLOAD OF IKEMEN and SLASHABLE RELATIONSHIPS in the series one of the things that I really enjoy about Kamen Rider is the production value of the program :D the costumes, the set, the props, everything! It's really awesome! I could really see the effort that everyone- the cast, the crew, the staff- put to make the program happen. Seeing such interesting programs with high production value inspires me to work in the film production business :D

Den-O fanart :>

I feel like I wasn't able to portray Urataro's sexyness ;A; *cries* I'm sorry... on the other hand~ >w< i really liked how how Kin-chan's expression turned out XDD aaaa~ Ryuta too >w<

I still have to improve in my coloring skills ;;;; がんばります!!!!!!!!!
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