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wai... HALO DUR :)) kidding

So... recently, I've been away from my current fandom which is Utattemita (I am so sorry ;;; I feel really bad for not checking my NND these past few weeks)


While I was away, I was able to take a breather and "expand my horizons" lol During my brief break from utattemita i was able to discover new things

♥ Tenimyu
♥ D-Boys
♥ D Date (OTL idk how to insert the star)

*i also started watching Gekiranger lol*

/i see what you did there.jpg i've watched a number or series in the Kamen Rider franchise (done with Hibiki, Den-O, Kiva, W, OOO and still watching Kabuto, Decade and Fourze) what I noticed about these series is that most of the time there is at least one Tenimyu person/D Boys member in each of the series! Being a kamen rider fangirl I decided to check out Tenimyu and D Boys then BOOM! I think I'm starting to get sucked in the fandom!!!

Thoughts on Tenimyu

Before this, I've never really been a fan of musicals (the only musical that I've watched was Cantarella lol) but surprisingly, i liked Tenimyu. It was not love at first sight, I tell you. A few weeks ago, I watched the first musical (the one with Yanagai Kotaro) and i was ":| what the hell is this?! they're dancing... their songs are weird" so i dropped it and searched for D Boys stuff lol after giving it some time (a few days lol) i picked it up again and watched the second musical (Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine) and for some magical reason i started to like it! idk what happened but i'm happy i decided to pick it up again lol tenimyu is pretty old so its quite fun to see the "younger form" (of the actors i know) act XDD

Thoughts on D Boys

fjdkgfajdkhfasjkfhdsjfksahjkdahsfjkdhfds;fhdkajfhjsklhdfajslfhadjfskalhjdksfdlsjh /you know what i mean 8D
lol really XD everyone is just so adorable XDD its only been less than 2 months since I've been interested in this group so I'm still starting to learn more about them... one member at a time! trololol i'm taking my sweet time on araki now lol really... I am terrible with names! I had to watch Natsudoko 2011 (the 1st D Boys vid I watched) thrice just to get their names right (except for Seto Koji, Hashimoto Taito, Yamada Yuusuke, Riyuuki Takahashi and Igarashi Shujni because I've seen them in dramas XD)

I'm looking forward to learning more about these fabulous boys 8D

Thoughts on D Date

Again, let me say this: I AM NOT INTO KIRA-KIRA BOI BANDO... actually, D Date is one of those "Kira kira boi bando" (as me and my friends call it... trans: shiny-shimmering boy bands/groups) but to hell with it! *throws principle out of the window* IT'S D DATE BABY 8D they got Seto, Igarashi, Araki and Horii (I don't really know Horii sorry .____.) Arayan is a good enough reason to watch them, yes? lololol biased fangirl 
hmmm... i'm really new to the boy group thingy so I can't say much about D Date as a boy group (yes, I did not listen to Arashi or Hey! Say! JUMP or some other boy group... my preteen life is boring, I know)... all I can say is that they are very much kira kira and everyone is everyone is really cute, esp. seto ARAYAN IS SEXY even though I virtually know nothing about boy groups, I enjoy watching them sing and dance XD and I think that is enough

something random 8D---- if I would rate the D Date boys based on their singing I would place Igarashi on number one (sorry arayan ;__;) Igarashi's voice is deep and a bit husky and I find myself attracted towards that type XD (like mi-chan lol) his voice control is also nice and his notes are clear, well same goes for seto :)) oh, seto would be number two lol His voice is also nice, it's thin and clear >w< aaaaaaaa---- i'm writing too much wwwwwwwwww

this is just random blabbering XD


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