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something really weird happened yesterday :| 

and uuh... no pics >A<

as usual i have long breaks in between classes (an hour and a half to be precise) I had nothing to do because it was raining really hard and I'm quite depressed with the outcome of my chem exam so I decided to draw. During my free time there are lots of vacant rooms on the top floor of AS building so I decided to stay there to have peace and quite (its more like I'm hiding XD because I'm drawing BL! anyway...) I settled in a room and started to draw. I was halfway done with my drawing (I was doing the good hotsteamysexy part) when suddenly a girl came in (i left the door open)

me: ! *covers drawing*
girl: ! (i think its too late... she already saw it)
me: "Class...?" *pokerface*
girl: "2:30" *sits beside me* lol very short dialogues
me: "sorry for disturbing :|" *starts tidying things* /////// i was trying hard not to think about it (her seeing mg BL drawing)
girl: "no, its okay! you can stay" *all smiles* (OAO she definitely saw it! ///////)
me: "sorry!" *walks away... FAST*

after that i realized... if she saw it (and i'm quite positive that she's not grossed out or smth) then she must also be a fujoshi OAO damn i should have stayed =A= aaaaaa----- i wonder how could i ever show my face in that place again D: the probability of seeing her again is high! (since my room is really close) ._______. so awkward  

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